END WAR - Graffiti Sticker with Black Lettering on White Poster Paper

Fuck Putin, Fuck Biden, Fuck NATO!

There will be no winner in the proxy war between America and Russia. Only more devastation and destruction.

The cost of war is too high to ignore. With already over 200,000 lives lost and over $50,000,000,000 wasted on the military-industrial complex. We cannot afford to continue down this path, especially with the ever-growing threat of nuclear war. And to make things even worse, this war has killed over 400 innocent children, severely injured 1,000 more, and put another 7.5 million children in grave danger. The stakes have never been higher.

We must demand peace now before it's too late!

I've had enough of this nonsense!

That's why I created the END WAR collection. With every t-shirt, tote bag, and graffiti sticker purchase, you're sending a powerful message against war and helping me help vulnerable children in need.

100% of all profits from this collection will go to Save The Children. So please consider joining me in this fight for a brighter future.

We can make a difference!

Organic Cotton Unisex T-Shirt:

END WAR Protest T-Shirt

Organic Cotton Women's T-Shirt:

END WAR Women's Protest T-Shirt

Recycled Tote Bag:

END WAR Protest Tote Bag

Graffiti Stickers:

END WAR Protest Graffiti Stickers

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