Don’t Love This!

A True Love Story Never Ends

A love story

I’ve never been a big fan of social media.
But these days, I seem to be falling in love with Instagram.

My love affair with Instagram started 100 days ago.
When I decided that I would try to use social media to drive traffic to my website.

My plan was simple.
Create and upload one image a day to Instagram.
Build an audience and watch the traffic explode on my website.

Well, to make a long story short:
100 days,
100 posts later,
My plan has not worked (yet).

But I’m far from being disappointed.
Because I’m blinded by love.
And it feels good!

Love lessons learned*

Amazing things happen when you’re in love.
Here are some of the lessons my love affair with Instagram has taught me:

Love requires attention

There are so many beautiful people sharing so many beautiful things.
So keep your eyes and mind open.
Be inspired by what you see.

Give praise.
Let others know you love their work.

Love has no room for jealousy

Likes, shares, and follows are nice.
But being creative is not about scoring points.
Or comparing your work to others’.

What really counts is your:

Love is the absence of fear

Fear of the unknown, failure, and being laughed at are illusions.

Fear is only untapped potential energy.
So embrace it,
And transform it into a creative superpower:


No risk, no fun!

Love is action

You make a positive difference by doing.
Showing up.
Being there for others.
Sharing your creative genius.
Giving your best.

Made with love

Here are a few of my favorite images that I have shared on Instagram:

Colored Squares by Hilma af Klint
Post #15: Colored Squares – Inspired by Hilma af Klint
It Is What It Is
Post #36: It Is What It Is
This Is Not A Mixtape
Post #53: This Is Not A Mixtape
? Digital Display
Post #54: ? Digital Display
Futura 1 & Green Square on Concrete
Post #58: Futura 1 & Green Square on Concrete
Multi Color Block from Peace Series No. 2
Post #65: Peace Series No.2 (Image No.1)
Peace Dove on Swiss Grid
Post #71: Peace Dove
Swiss Rainbow
Post #77: Swiss Rainbow
Letter A
Post #98: Letter A

Love your journey

You never know where your creative journey will take you.
Because it’s all about the process.
Letting go.
Surprising yourself.

You just need to**:

  1. Close the gap between thinking and doing
  2. Create every day
  3. Show your work
  4. Create
  5. Explore new mediums
  6. Create more
  7. Push your limits
  8. Learn
  9. Create
  10. Grow
  11. Share
  12. Inspire
  13. Never give up
  14. Repeat

It just takes time.

In the end, love wins

Because love makes you feel good!

p.s. A True Love Story Never Ends – Learn, Create, Grow, Share & Inspire Everyday!


Notes & References:

(!) The image of Andy Warhol that I used in my 100th Instagram post, These Days, is in the public domain @ Wikimedia Commons
(*) The 4 Love lessons learned subheading titles were stolen from 17 Lessons Love Has Taught Us @
(**) The 14 Step to your creative journey process is an adaptation of the 10 Steps To Building Skill presented by Lisa Congdon in her book, Find Your Creative Artistic Voice (Warning: Amazon Affiliate Marketing Link!)
(!!!) You can follow me on Instagram @scottmoroschan

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