Turn Off Your TV!

Stop Watching The Tv -Turn Off The Tv!

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Ethan Tufts

Known for his atmospheric and imaginative songwriting and ghostly harmonies, Ethan Tufts is a talented musician, music video maker, and creativepreneur.

Ethan’s resourcefulness is something we can all learn from.

Ethan Tufts
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Born and raised in a small Massachusetts town, Ethan now works out of his bedroom studio deep within the sprawl of Los Angels.

He creates his hand-crafted mash-up loops and sounds with obsolete electronic equipment and thrift store guitars.

He self-publishes all of his music and videos without the help (or burden) of a record label.

And like all great artists, Ethan doesn’t let limitations get in his way.

I’ve always found it’s helpful to simplify. Reduce the number of options to you. Force yourself to create something with just a handful of tools. Or just one tool. Just one color. One instrument. One theme.

Ethan prefers to stay focused on staying inspired, coming up with new musical ideas, writing lyrics, learning a new instrument.

Ethan simply makes the most of what he has.

And what he makes is beautiful!

Turn Off Your TV!

Turn Off Your TV, by Ethan is about making a change in your life.

Your life may be following a narrative that someone else has written. Or you’re content to float wherever life takes you. But maybe there is something inside you that begs you to swim against the current, to swim against the tide, regain control and write your own life story.

Can you relate?


They say I have potential
They say I’m on the right path
But I can barely pull myself out

There’s something burning inside
A fire I can’t control
The world has been so cold

Turn off your TV
Pretend you’re nobody
I don’t have to agree

CRTs fill my time
Scan lines are all I find
Deinterlace my mind

How I spend my days
Is how I spend my life
I’ve been content to float
Down and out for so long

Fear lines my driveway
Excuses cover my walls
A crack is showing
I can’t float anymore

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