??? Why I Do This!

Let me tell you why

Saul Bass is one of my favorite creative influences.
He‘s probably of the most successful graphic designers of all time.

His logo designs for major brands, film posters, and kinetic type title sequences for films like Psycho, The Shinning, and Vertigo are iconic.

There’s no doubt that…
Saul was a real creative genius.
But I have a problem with one of his most shared quotes:

I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares.

Saul Bass – American graphic designer and Oscar-winning filmmaker

As a creative…
I understand what Saul is trying to say.
I also find it fulfilling to make “beautiful“ things.

But as giver, not a taker.
I find this quote to be somewhat selfish.

I believe the act of giving is very noble.
Especially if it makes helps people.

That‘s why I care.
And why I give my best to try to make “beautiful“ things for you.

I want you to enjoy and care about the things I make.

Because I want to inspire you to make your creative ideas happen.
So you can do the same for others.

This is why I do this.

So If you do care…
And you like what I‘m trying to do…
Then it’s your turn…
To do the same!


And please get in touch and tell me about your creative ideas.
Because I need to be inspired too.
Show me what you’re making.
I would like that.



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