Before It‘s Too Late

Change Past Now Future Life


Like it or not
It’s happening all the time

Every story has a beginning, middle, end


Nothing is forever



Nothing is forever


Twist, turns, and surprises

Life is very funny if you take the time to watch it

Jacques Tati – French mime, filmmaker, actor, and screenwriter

If you’d had told the twenty-five-year-old me that one day I would:

I would’ve laughed.

Life is funny.

A life worth living

My Expected Life Span In Months
The above image is inspired by a blog post by Tim Urban (1).

My expected lifespan is 78.8 years (2),
or 944 months.

So if we do the math: nine hundred and forty-four months expected lifespan minus six hundred and forty-two months lived gives me another three hundred and two months before the stats predict I’ll drop dead. 🙂

It doesn’t bother me that most of my life is probably over.
Because I’m grateful for the life that I had and have.

I’m still alive.
And I’m not taking things for granted.

When I was twenty years old, I learned the hard way that life is short.
My father unexpectedly died when he was forty-four.
We don’t all get to grow old.

Life is what it is.
There are no guarantees.

Who knows?
Maybe I’ll get lucky.
Maybe I’ll make it to 80, 90, or 100.
Who knows?
I don’t.

But, I do know one thing:
We might not know how much time we still have, but we can decide how we will spend our time.

Perhaps the best that any of us can wish for is not to be authentic but to live authentically – to choose to show up as our true selves and connect on a real level.

Kristi hedges – Author of The Inspiration Code & The Power of Presence

I want to live a life worth living
Learning, creating, growing
Sharing, inspiring

Life is short.
So make the most of it.
Before it’s too late!



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