My Perfumery Curriculum Vitae

Me - Scott Theodore Moroschan

Highly Qualified Creative Senior Perfumer with over twenty years experience in the fragrance industry with a valuable mixture of experiences creating winning fragrances, international presentations, building customer relationships, and new product development from concept to commercialization.

  • Summary of Qualifications

    • Proven global success in home, personal care, and fine fragrance creation
    • Effective team management, mentoring, and interpersonal skills
    • Organized internal and external customer-focused project management
    • Extensive knowledge of fragrance development process, perfumery ingredients and
    • formulations, and regulatory guidelines
    • Persuasive marketing, sales, and presentation skills
    • Native English speaker with fluent conversational German
    • Diploma chemistry
  • Senior Perfumer & Laboratory Manager

    Duellberg Konzentra GmbH, Hamburg, Germany, 07.16 – Present

    • Create, modify, and match fabric, surface, air, personal care, and fine fragrances.
    • Manage fragrance compounding & customer sampling lab [12 employees].
    • Initiated and coordinated fragrance micro-encapsulation development project.
    • Authored and presented emotional fragrance branding marketing concept [Germany, Russia, Iran].
  • Senior Perfumer

    CPL Aromas, Bielefeld, Germany, 01.15 – 06.16

    • Created, modified, and matched fabric, surface, air, personal care, and fine fragrances.
    • Revitalized and managed multi-million Euro key account [Russia].
  • Senior Perfumer

    Duellberg Konzentra GmbH, Hamburg, Germany, 06.13 – 12.04

    • Created, modified, and matched fabric, surface, air, personal care, and fine fragrances.
    • Supported sales staff with customer presentations, expo support, and technical know-how.
  • Perfumer & Project Manager

    Duellberg Konzentra GmbH, Hamburg, Germany, 09.06 – 05.13

    • Created, modified, and matched fabric, surface, air, personal care, and fine fragrances.
    • Created and implemented new project management system.
    • Managed fragrance development projects [2 evaluators & 4 perfumers / 6000+ inquiries in seven years].
    • Prepared and presented marketing and sales presentations [Germany, UAE, Russia, Turkey].
    • Managed fragrance library collection.
    • Trained fragrance evaluator.
  • Evaluator & Marketing Manager

    Mercia International Aromatics Ltd., Elmswell, England, 06.05 – 07.06

    • Created, modified, and matched fabric, surface, air, personal care, and fine fragrances.
    • Initiated, developed, and saved key customer accounts. Prepared and presented marketing & sales presentations [England, UAE, Egypt].
  • Perfumer & Managing Director

    Liberty Perfumery Ltd., Marlow, England, 06.01 – 09.02

    • Founded a start-up fragrance company. Developed the ‘Invent Your Scent” fragrance concept for the Body Shop Plc.. 
    • Designed fragrance branding products. Created bespoke perfume creations [London, UAE].
  • Fragrance Specialist

    Reckitt & Benckiser Plc., Hull, England, 09.00 – 05.01

    • Provided technical perfumery expertise to new product development teams [air care, surface care, personal care [depilatories]], global marketing team, and sensory analysis group.
    • Gained valuable insight into how core supplier companies [Firmenich, Givaudan, Robertet], marketers, and chemists work together to develop innovative home care fragrances.
  • Freelance Perfumer

    Self-Empowered, Marlow, England, 01.99 – 09.00

    • Designed bespoke perfume creations for individual clients [London, UAE].
  • Junior Perfumer

    Haarmann & Reimer GmbH, Holzminden, Germany, 10.97 – 12.98

    • Created and modified fragrance bases.
    • Proactively developed an internal perfumers’ marketing study to facilitate targeted new aroma chemical development.
    • Prepared and presented aroma chemical sales presentations [Europe & North America].
    • Played a key role in establishing a call list relationship with Proctor & Gamble by authoring an informative and persuasive sales presentation on the subject of the Role of Molecular Modeling in Aroma Chemical Development.
  • Trainee Perfumer

    Haarmann & Reimer GmbH, Holzminden, Germany, 03.95 – 10.97

    • Completed a comprehensive perfumery apprenticeship covering all aspects of fragrance chemistry and modern perfumery principles.
  • Analytical Chemist

    Analytical Chemist

    • Developed a practical knowledge of wet chemistry, extractions, chromatography and spectrometry techniques.
  • Educational Qualifications

    Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry

    Radford University, Radford, Virginia, United States, 05.90

    • Developed a fundamental understanding and appreciation of the life sciences, chemistry, and the humanities.

    Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise & Sport Science

    University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, England, 06.04

    • Conducted independent original research in the subject of muscle discomfort, fatigue and conscious perception in muscular endurance tasks.

A personal comment on my own life and career

Not even in my wildest dreams did I ever expect that my career and life would turn out the way they have.

If you would have told me twenty-five years ago, that one day I would be a perfumer working and living in Germany.

I would’ve probably have laughed and said to you that you were crazy.

I have to admit that my current life is the result of a bizarre mix of silly dreams, calculated risks, hard work, luck, and some terrible decisions.

I don’t have any regrets
I’m more than satisfied with my career and life!