No-Risk No Fun!

No-Risk No Fun! My Two New Hips - Double Hip Resurfacing

No turning back

Overwhelmed with feelings of relief, sorrow, and gratitude — I began to cry for the first time in twelve years.

I cried for all those who will never find relief from their crippling pains.

My pain was gone.
My operation was a success.
I had nothing more to worry about.

It was a done deal.
There was no turning back.
Both of my hips had been resurfaced.

I just needed to get out of bed and start moving again.

Yes, no, maybe…

You’ve got to do what’s right for you.
Sometimes you have to take matters in your own hands.

And that’s what I did!

No one forced or encouraged me to have both of my hips resurfaced in one go.

Actually, it was my idea.

My choice.

I planned everything out myself:

My replacement parts
My surgeon
My physio

I wasn’t about to trust anybody to make these decisions for me.
I considered all of my options very carefully.

Evaluated possible risks.
Consulted doctors.
Educated myself.

I made a bold decision!

So far so good…

Flash forward three years post-op:

I don’t feel invincible. But, I do feel strong and healthy.

And, most importantly I‘m no longer limited by lack of range of motion and chronic pain.

I‘m living a very active lifestyle:

Strength training
Road & mountain biking
Hot yoga

And, even the occasional jog in the forest are all of the activities that I enjoy every week!

My decision to have both of my hips resurfaced was probably one of the best-calculated risks I’ve made in my life.

It’s allowing me to enjoy my life again:

Be active
Sleep better
Simply be me again

No more painful distractions. No more avoiding activities. No more not being able to keep up with others.

I‘m back in the game!
Living my life!



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