Play Out Loud!

Play Out Loud Volume 10

Share your inspiring creative journey with the world. Build your platform to lead by example, inspire and help others.


You don’t always get what you want.
But that doesn’t mean your voice doesn’t count.

Your creative voice is unique,

Your creative voice is a superpower!
It has the potential to be louder than just “another” voice in the crowd.
So express your creative voice out loud.

Share your beliefs, messages, and wishes like nobody else in the world can.

Make cool things every day that:
Create hope & optimism,
Build momentum,
Inspire others,

Express yourself like nobody else in the world can.

Don’t just talk!


The above content on this page is part of my ugly first draft for my upcoming book, Take A Chance: Make Your Ideas Real, about my seven-step creative process:

Step 1: Step Hit Reset!
Step 2: Do Something Exciting!
Step 3: Make Cool Things Every Day!
Step 4: Power Up!
Step 5: Play Out Loud!
Step 6: Thrive!
Step 7: Wash, Rinse & Repeat!

I’m sharing my unfinished work with you because I want to show you that it’s OK not to have everything perfect before you start to make your creative ideas real.

I still have a lot of work to do, but I’m making progress every day.

Click here to get in touch to let me know you are interested in following my progress as I connect all the dots and turn this project into a unique book that you will enjoy!

What to expect next:

Over the next few weeks, the 28th of October – the 12th of November, 2021, I hope to complete my ugly first draft for all seven steps.

In the meantime, please:

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