Grow Against The Resistance

Here are three new images I made today for my Grow page:

Growth Vs. Resistance N0.1
Version No.1 Black Arrows on Concrete
Growth Vs. Resistance N0.2
Version No.2 Grey Arrows on Concrete
Growth Vs. Resistance N0.3
Version No.3 Arrows on Black Painted Concrete

The images are symbolic.
The large arrow represents you.
The smaller arrows represent the resistive forces of the ordinary.

Fear & doubt.

You are willing to go against the crowd.
To pursue your dreams even when everyone else says you are crazy.
You don’t give in to the resistance.

Your journey makes you stronger with each small step upwards than all the doubters, haters, and resistance.

Inspired by the fear of being ordinary.
You make your ideas happen.
You grow!

Please let me know which image you prefer: