Hi From Hamburg!

Me working at my home studio in Hamburg, Germany.


This is where I make most of my creative visual ideas happen – At my apartment in Hamburg, Germany. I also work on this project out of my tiny basement at my house outside of the city.

Here in this picture from today, I’m working on a new mixed media (markers, pencil, linocut, and collage) idea that I hope to make tomorrow (No computer Sunday).

I’ve been making one new image a day for 256 days in a row now. My goal is to keep this up for one year – When I reach the one-year mark, I will probably slow down a little.

So far, this has been one of the most challenging and rewarding things that I’ve done in my life. Sometimes the ideas come fast, and other times I almost freak out wondering how I will come up with something new. But luckily, somehow, I have managed to deliver one new image a day.

I work on this project in the evenings, after my day job where I create fragrances for companies worldwide.

More or less, I spend most of my day being creative, trying to make things that will make the world more beautiful and a more enjoyable place for others.