I’m More Than One Thing

I am

Husband, friend, neighbour, employee, perfumer, artist, designer, mentor, entrepreneur, yogi, athlete, dreamer, thinker, maker.

Jack of all trades

It doesn’t matter if you’re a part-time PA with a blog or a physio who runs an online jewelry store in the evenings. Whatever your ratio, whatever your mixture, we can all channel the entrepreneurial spirit.

Today, the stigma of being a jack of all trades is being dispelled. Having more strings to your bow is essential to getting ahead in the modern working world.

Emma Gannon – Author of The Multi-Hyphen Method: Work less, create more, and design a career that works for you

My multi-hyphenated life

I’m Scott Theodore Moroschan, a multi-hyphenated creative: senior creative perfumer with over twenty years of worldwide experience, visual artist, communication designer, and motivational entrepreneur.

Hobby, job, career vs. vocation (a.k.a. a calling)

My hobbies:

Cycling, strength training, swimming, walking in the woods, and Bikram yoga.

My Job:

I’m fortunate and grateful that I have my day job working as a professional perfumer. I love the challenge of creating beautiful fragrances for all kinds of products that will be used and enjoyed by millions of people worldwide.

My career:

I take my work as a perfumer very seriously, not only because it pays my bills. But because it is my responsibility to create winning fragrances that guarantee the company’s future success and job security for over one hundred of my colleagues.

I’m grateful for my job, but I no longer consider it to be my career. Because I’m no longer willing to make any more life sacrifices to move up an illusionary career ladder, to chase more money or prestige.

My calling:

To use my creativity to make the world more beautiful, enjoyable, and a better place by inspiring you and 100,000+ people to make their creative ideas, projects, and dreams real.

The thing I like most about my calling is the sense of freedom, hope, and joy it gives me.

My calling fills me with energy.
It excites me.
I love it.

I do what I love

I learn
I create
I grow
I share
I inspire

No Plan B required

Nothing is forever.
Even bad times eventually pass.
But good times also have to end sometime too.

I’ve already had to say goodbye a few years ago to speedskating, one of my biggest life passions. And the day might come when I have to stop some of my other sporting hobbies because I’m not getting younger, I have two artificial hips, and my knees are very creaky.

I’ve had my share of career ups and downs.
And jobs come and go.

But nobody can take my calling away.
Because I’m more than one thing.

Be more

You are more than one thing too!