Instagram Breakthrough!

Untitled 175 Hardedge Geometric Abstract Digital Collage
Untitled 174

One hundred seventy-five days ago, I decided to start a new one-year creative challenge – To create one new image every day for my Instagram account.

I decided to take on this challenge to 1.) drive traffic to this website, and 2.) to discover my visual creative voice.

When I started, I only had twenty-two followers – Friends, family, and acquaintances. But slowly, I began to catch the attention of established artists, graphic designers, and even a few creative agencies.

To make a long-probably-boring story short, after 174 days, my follower account was 74.

But then came my first breakthrough yesterday when @Hardedger sent the following message out to their 23,300+ followers:

Support the artist @scottmoroschan


To be called an artist means a lot to me.

For most of the last twenty-plus years, I’ve worked as a successful professional perfumer creating fragrances for businesses worldwide, but to be recognized as an artist means a lot to me.

Then boom – twenty-nine new followers in one day – Bringing my total follower count up to 103!

I’m not into chasing vanity metrics, but I am excited about this mini-explosion of new followers.

Because I hope it will result in more people joining us in our creative journey to build a collaborative community of 1000+ street artists and creatives who use their skills, talent, and passion to make the world a more beautiful better place.

If you’re interested, please check out my feature post about my first hundred days on Instagram – I think this is one of the most creative posts that I’ve written so far: Don’t Love This!

And check out the Hardedger Instagram account: @hardedger or their website:

Until tomorrow – Take care!