Making Invisible Art

Making Invisible Art -Me at work creating fragrances for the world

This me at my day job – Sitting at my cluttered desk, where I create fragrances for companies worldwide.

I work with a pallet of over 1000+ natural and synthetic materials with names like Cashmeran, Ambroxan, Hedione, Helional, Rose Absolute, Agarwood, Hexenol, Linalool, and crazy chemical names Allyl Cyclo Hexyl Propionate and Octa Lactone Gamma.

I use these materials to create fragrances for all kinds of products, including fine perfumes, shower gels, creams, baby products, dishwashing liquids, fabric softeners, and candles.

For every formula that I create, I have to solve a complex puzzle that forces me to find the right balance between price, stability, performance, safety, and pleasantness.

Taking all of this into account, as I write my new formulas, I assemble my materials in my mind like I am building an invisible sculpture that will evolve and diffuse with time.

I am very grateful for my work. Because it is a gift that allows me to help millions of people worldwide feel better about themselves and make their daily lives a little more enjoyable.