The Mathematics of Authenticity

I want to be true to myself and with you!

Authenticity is equal to your unique voice, multiplied by truthfulness, plus your capacity for change, multiplied by range of emotional impact, raised to the power of imagination.

Marc Ecko – American fashion designer, entrepreneur, artist & author

This quote by Marc Ecko is a framework that I will use to share my creative journey with you as I try to achieve my vision:

To build a collaborative community of 1000+ street artists and creatives who use their skills, talent, and passion to make the world a more beautiful and better place.

Even if my content comes across as crazy, strange, or unrealistic, it is my goal to express myself uniquely – Like nobody else can.

I know I don’t have all the answers. But I mean what I say, and I give my best to practice what I preach. I’ll never try to bullshit you.

My desire for change drives me. I want to grow, evolve, and adapt into the person I’m meant to be – Hopefully, someone you will like and trust.

I want to positively impact you and the world by making people feel good about themselves. I want to give you hope. Stir your interests. And give you the energy and encouragement that you need to make your creative ideas happen.

And I’m not afraid to share my crazy ideas and dreams because I know my imagination and creativity are the keys to making this project a success.

I want to be true to myself and with you!