This is your brain on the internet

Tweets, texts, emails, Youtube, iTunes podcasts and Instagram, are my drugs of choice.

If you are like me, you love the internet.

The internet offers us an infinite source of information, social platforms, special interest websites, and much much more – With so much on offer it’s no wonder that we spend so much of our lives, searching, reading, watching and Liking.

We endlessly click from one website, app, social media profile to another and then another and another.

This kind of behaviour can rapidly affect our daily lives. Especially, when it comes to effectively balancing our time, energy and attention.

If not kept in check our obsessive browsing habits can lead to a compulsive addiction, and even digital dementia!

That‘s why if we are really honest with ourselves, we have to admit that most of the time that we spend on the internet is not spent wisely – And, that our browsing habits lack focus and serve no significant purpose other than to distract us from what is really important.

For instance, I wasn’t very focused this week. Sure, I got a lot of work done. I worked out a few times. And, I spent some quality time with my wife.

But, I also let myself get distracted – probably a few hundred times a day.

I watched too many YouTube videos. I played a lot of chess on my iPhone. I read a bunch of online articles on writing blog posts, keeping fit, how to set priorities, and other worthwhile topics. More or less, I jumped from on internet link to another and then to another……

And, in the end, I did not keep to my deadline to finish writing this post by the end of last week.

You know what I am talking about. It is so easy to go into autopilot mode when we are on online. It’s so easy to fall down the Internet/Instagram/Twitter/Facebook-Blackhole.


The process of getting lost on Facebook while reading random posts, following random links, or looking at pictures of people you don’t even know, followed by an eventual return to consciousness and realisation that you are completely wasting your time.Just got caught in the Facebook-Hole and burned my dinner. – WARNING THIS LINK MAY LEAD YOU DOWN AN INTERNET BLACKHOLE!

Does this sound familiar? Are you constantly glued to your phone, tablets or computer? Can you even make a fair guess at how many posts, articles, and tweets you ‘Liked’ today?

Did you know that the average person will spend around five years and four months of their life on social media?

Wow, that’s a lot of wasted time doing a whole lot of nothing!

Time well spent – It’s time for a change

Are you also interested in making some positive changes in your life?

If you are like me, you are aware that you really need to, or would like to explore the possibility of making some positive changes in your life.

To start with – We should stop wasting our lives away on social media!

And, we should spend more time:

  • Learning new skills
  • Starting and finishing meanigful projects
  • Getting in better shape
  • Eating healthier
  • Making more money
  • Helping others
  • Being happier

Personally, I am interested in all of the above!

Additionally, I want to connect and collaborate with more like-minded people.

I want to spend more time on things that matter, and less on things that don’t.

I want to scale my life up to the next level.

I hope to accomplish this by taking better advantage of the most powerful resource that mankind has ever created – The internet.

The internet can be used as a positive force in our lives, but for most of us, this is not the case.

It’s practically a sin not to take better advantage of this amazing resource to make some sort of meaningful changes in our lives.

The internet has truly empowered us to transform our ideas, interests, and dreams into an achievable reality. There has never been an opportunity like this before to learn, connect, share, teach, and do business with the entire world.

This is the kind of internet blackhole I want to be sucked into.

I am looking for more than social proof and recognition on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I want to be a creator of content. I don’t want to just be consumer of content. I want to make the transition from just consumer of content to a creator of content.

As an aspiring creator of content I want to use the internet to:

  • Explore, expand and develop my creativity beyond the world of perfumery
  • Transform my ideas, projects, and dreams in to reality
  • Collaborate with interesting people from all over the world
  • Share my unique, honest, and hopefully inspiring blogging journey with people like you

That’s why I decided to create this website.

Turning excuses into opportunities

Will you come back to my website?

To be honest – I really hope so!

But, I also know the odds are stacked against me. For many reasons like – My writing is terrible, there are a trillion other websites also competing for your attention, and the basic fact that I am just another guy on the internet – I am certainly not some kind of expert, guru, or celebrity.

All this doesn’t bother me, because I have made the decision to give my best, put myself out there, and to take better advantage of the opportunities that the internet provides me.

This is not some kind of popularity contest.

I just want to share with you what inspires me. What I am learning and doing. And, inspire you to achieve the things you want to do!

Just one more thing…

Thanks for taking the time to read my post!