Take A Chance!

Make Your Ideas Real

Disclaimer: What you are about to read might inspire you.

Note: The following information, outlines, and posts on this page are my ugly first draft of my upcoming book, Take A Chance: Make Your Ideas Real, Projects & Dreams Real, about my seven-step creative process:

  1. Hit Reset!
  2. Do Something Exciting!
  3. Make Cool Things Every Day!
  4. Power Up!
  5. Play Out Loud!
  6. Thrive!
  7. Wash, Rinse & Repeat!

This process helped me discover a more exciting, meaningful, and rewarding life, and I think it can do the same for you!

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Proceed with caution!

By continuing to explore this unique content, you agree to enter a promissory contract with yourself that you will make your creative ideas, projects, and dreams real!

My Personal Creative Contract

Congratulations on committing not to let yourself down.


Please read, enjoy & share at your own pace!

Step 1: Hit Reset!

Live life on purpose. Grow in life and work. Discover yourself & design the exciting future life you want.

Step 2: Do Something Exciting!

Make a list of all the creative ideas in your head. Pick the project that has the most meaning to you, excites you, and will bring you the most joy. Make a plan. Commit to making your passion real, even if other people think you’re crazy.

Step 3: Make Cool Things Every Day!

Create, don’t just consume – Embrace the creative process. Build creative momentum by making cool things every day. Express your unique creative voice and make your ideas real.

Step 4: Power Up!

Become unstoppable. Stay on top of the latest trends, concepts, and skills. Seek feedback and collaborate with more experienced creative people. Develop the habits that you need to make your ideas real.

Step 5: Play Out Loud!

Share your inspiring creative journey with the world. Build your platform to lead by example, inspire and help others.

Step 6: Thrive!

Be your own boss. Create a creative business you control. Get paid for what you love doing.

Step 7: Wash, Rinse & Repeat!

Adapt, evolve and pivot. Embrace, trust, and repeat the process until you make your creative ideas real. Turn your passion project into something bigger than you.


This is a work in progress

I still have a lot of work to do to connect all the dots and turn this project into a unique book that you will enjoy.

I’ve decided to share my unfinished work with you because I want to show you that it’s OK not to have everything perfect before you start to make your creative ideas real.

If you decide to follow my progress, you will quickly learn that I am playing out loud (Step 5) as I make this book project real!

More coming soon:

Over the next three weeks (8th of Nov. to the 7th of Nov. 2021), I will post the outlines for each step of my creative process.

In the meantime, please:

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