The Real Me!


I have a crazy vision:

My vision is to make the world a more beautiful and better place to live by inspiring you and 1,000,000+ people to make their creative ideas, projects and dreams real.

Why: Because it’s a challenge, it scares me, it excites me, it fills me with energy, and I enjoy doing this!

Imagine a world where people like you and me made all of our creative dreams come true.
Wouldn’t this be cool?
I think it would.

So who am I?

I‘m Scott Theodore Moroschan, a multi-hyphenated: senior perfumer with over twenty years of experience, visual artist, and creative social entrepreneur.

I use my creativity to make things that inspire others, build community, and raise money for charity because I believe this is my surest path to independence and happiness.

During the day, I work as a creative perfumer at a great family company, Düllberg Konzentra, in Hamburg, Germany.

I love my job creating fragrances for businesses and people all around the world but I don’t limit my creativity to one medium.

I also create and sell visual art, organize The Creative Advisory Board, promote my artivism project, Colors Against Hate, and blog about my five-step creative framework:

  1. Power Up!
  2. Make Cool Things Everyday!
  3. Play Out Loud!
  4. Thrive!
  5. Do Good!

I try to create more than I consume because I enjoy the process of learning, doing, growing, sharing, and inspiring others to do the same.

What about you?

Are you or do you aspire to be a:

Creative marketer
Fashion designer
Graphic designer
Social entrepreneur

Do you also want to use your creativity to produce art, content, products, or services that make the world more beautiful and a better place to live too?

Yes, you do…
Cool, I’m glad you’re here.
Thanks for your visit!

Now here’s what you can do now: