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Untitled No.226

Abstract Bauhaus-inspired limited edition print

Untitled No.227

Abstract Bauhaus-inspired limited edition print

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Untitled No. 196

Digital virtual graffiti collage

Untitled No. 180

Digital virtual graffiti collage

Untitled No.261

Digital virtual graffiti collage

Untitled No.264

Concrete art digital collage

Danger Danger

Digital virtual graffiti collage 

Cardboard Collage

Bauhaus inspired collage

Untitled No.234

Bauhaus inspired collage

Under Construction

Geometric digital collage

Untitled No.265

Opt-art digital collage

Recycled Ideas

Geometric abstract collages

Untitled No. 175

Digital geometric collage

Colors Against Hate 

My artivism charity project

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