Play Out Loud!

What would you like people to know you for?

Whether you want people to know you for your professional skills, creativity, hobbies, interests, or passions, the key is to play out loud. Because it's important to show the world who you are and what you stand for; otherwise, you'll be another face lost in the crowd.

Imagine if your next boss didn't have to read your resume because he already reads your blog. Imagine being a student and getting your first gig based on a school project you posted online. Imagine turning a side project or a hobby into your profession because you had a following that could support you. All you have to do is show your work - Austin Kleon, author of Show Your Work

This is why I play out loud by sharing my art on social media, blogging on my website, and sharing this newsletter with you. It's my way of documenting my creative journey and showing the world who I am. And it allows me to connect with others with similar interests, passions, or goals.

You never know who may notice or be interested in what you're doing. Opportunities will come when you least expect them – Like me being interviewed about my art on tv this week:

The world is waiting for YOU, too - so play out loud – You'll be glad you did!

What's new:

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Hamburg Zeigt Kunst

My wife, Kiki, and I presented my art last Sunday at the Hamburg Zeigt Kunst. We only sold two prints but still managed to make a small profit. But more importantly, we had a great time meeting many new people.

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