Creative Entrepreneurship

Don't believe the doubters

Most people will tell you that you are wasting your time trying to achieve your creative entrepreneurial goals. They think this way because they don't understand the meaningful rewards that creative entrepreneurship offers us.

True success is more than fame, influence, and money.

Being an artist and creative entrepreneur gives me the greatest gift, freedom; the freedom to create what I want, the way I want, when I want, and for whom I wish to. And for me, this is what living and enjoying a creative life is all about, the freedom to be me.

Having creative ambitions energizes me and fills my life with meaning and purpose because I know if I try, I can make the world more beautiful and better.

I sell my art to make a good living, to make more art, and to impact others positively. I do this by donating at least 15% of my art profits to Save The Children and organizing a support group of other creative entrepreneurs called The Creative Advisory Board.

Living a creative life is not always easy, but I believe that trying to make your creative ideas real will automatically make you an instant success because you defeated the doubts and fears that almost stopped you from trying. And by trying, you will be rewarded with valuable experiences and exciting adventures. That's why living a creative life is one of the greatest rewards you can gift yourself.

I'm confident that I will succeed with my creative ambitions because I have a plan - A creative framework based on my life motto: Learn, Create, Grow, Share & Inspire that guides me on my creative life journey:

  • Power Up!
  • Make Cool Things Every Day!
  • Play Out Loud!
  • Do Good!
  • Thrive!

I am so sure of this framework; I believe it can also inspire and help you to live and enjoy a rewarding creative life too!

My Creative Life Framework

I believe that art & creativity has the power to change the world.

That's why I express my creativity, help others to do the same, build community, and sell my art, products, and services to earn a good living, make more art and save the lives of children in need!

I do this because I have the vision to make the world a more beautiful and better place to be.

Beauty will save the world – Dostoevsky

I don't always know what I'm doing, but I do it anyway because I know I will succeed by following my creative life framework.

I am so sure of this framework; I believe it can also inspire you to live, love, and enjoy a meaningful creative life too!

Power Up!

Enjoy a more exciting, meaningful, and rewarding creative life by living in your Infinite Zone, the place where your reality, potential, and dreams overlap.

  • Live life on purpose
  • Make the most of what you already have
  • Develop better habits
  • Learn new skills

Make Cool Things Every Day!

Build momentum by making cool things every day and doing the things that will make your ideas, projects, and dreams real.

  • Be a creator, not just a consumer
  • Pick a project
  • Create
  • Do

Play Out Loud!

Share your creativity, message, and story with the world by letting the world know what you're doing, how you do it, and why you do it.

  • Define your brand
  • Build a tribe
  • Teach

Do Good!

Make a positive impact by making art, content, product, and services that make the world a more beautiful and better place to live.

  • Be a change-maker
  • Inspire others
  • Give


Live a multi-faceted life worth living!

  • Create rewarding and meaningful value for you and others.
  • Earn a good living from your creativity
  • Create new opportunities
  • Value family & friendships
  • Take care of your health & fitness
  • Enjoy your creative life

How this framework helps me live and enjoy a rewarding creative life.

This framework is my life's call to action, and it helps me:

  • Get unstuck
  • Maintain focus and clarity
  • Make decisions on what I should do next

Guided by this creative life framework, I know I'm on the surest path to a happy, independent, and rewarding creative life.

I hope my creative framework might also help and inspire you too.

We create; therefore, we are!

p.s. If you have a question about my creative life framework, please comment below or click here to get in touch.

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