Perfectly imperfect
Untitled No.244 – Geometric collage superimposed on photographed wood panel

A hidden message

In a non-represantional way.
My art is a metaphor for my life and our human condition.

By juxtaposing the imperfections of urban textures with colorful transparent illusions of geometric perfection, I explore what I like to call the Perfectly Imperfect.

This metaphorical aesthetic expresses an optimistic message that I believe we all need in our lives:

In my digital collages, I use the surface imperfections of cardboard, concrete, paper, and wood to represent our self-imposed doubts, fears, and insecurities.

While my transparent illusions of geometric perfection represent our misguided obsession with "so-called" perfection.

And in my woodblock prints, my unintentional slips of the knife as I carve the woodblock are a metaphor of the no going back on the mistakes we make in life.

But despite all of these hidden layers of disharmony, faults, and vulnerability in our lives and my art, we are still surrounded by beauty, balance, and harmony.

This is what my bold, creative, unique, perfectly imperfect aesthetic is all about.

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