My Perfumery Career

I am a highly qualified senior perfumer

I've been working as a perfumer for over twenty-five years.

At my day job, I work at a great family company Düllberg Konzentra, in Hamburg, Germany, creating fragrances for companies from all around the world.

Working with a pallet of over 1000+ synthetic and natural materials, I love the challenge of creating winning:

  • Fine fragrances
  • Personal care fragrances
  • Household care fragrances

It takes more than just having a good nose to create successful fragrances.

Perfumery is the skillful, creative art and craft of making fragrances that smell good and exhibit the perfect balance between the desired fragrance character and product attributes like impact, long-lastingness, price, stability, and safety.

I take great pleasure in writing new fragrance formulations as I assemble materials in my mind, like creating invisible sculptures that will evolve and diffuse over time, spreading good vibes:

A comforting green tea cream fragrance kindles a sense of tranquility, rejuvenation, and well-being.
A sparkling fizzy blend of mandarin and grapefruit oils for liquid soap exploding with bursts of energy, enthusiasm, and happiness.
A tempting perfume elixir of narcotic tuberose, sugary vanilla, and sensual musks eliciting seductive emotions of intimacy and euphoria.

It is and has always been my motivation as a perfumer to create beautiful fragrances that make other peoples' lives more enjoyable.

My work as a perfumer is more than a job - It's one of my life's callings.

More Than A Nice Scent, A Perfumer's Perspective on Emotional Fragrance Design, book cover