Colors Against Hate No.59 Remix

Impact the world.

Create your own creative charity.

Here are the three simple steps I took to start my artistic charity project, Colors Against Hate:

Step 1: Make something cool.

Cool things are art, content, products, and services that make the world more beautiful and better.

I recommend trying to make cool things every day because you'll probably have to make a lot of bad stuff before you make something that's really cool.

Step 2: Pick a worthwhile charity.

Who would you like to help?

What charity aligns best with your cool thing?

My charity of choice is Save The Children because I believe children are the most innocent and vulnerable.

Step 3: Sell your cool thing and donate your profits to your charity of choice.

This final step is the best part of the process.

I donate 50% of my Colors Against Hate sales to charity, and I use the remaining money to cover my costs like materials and shipping and help finance my project's marketing.

I can not tell you how good it feels when you manage to sell something you made with your creativity, knowing that you are helping others in need.

Now it's your turn.

Take action into your own hands by making something cool, picking a charity, and selling your cool thing to donate the profits to your charity, so you too can positively impact the world.

Be cool.

Please be one of the first to help me make Colors Against Hate an international success story.

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